At The Summit lounge, we believe in stimulating social connections and providing the cleanest, safest space for our members to enjoy that connection. Membership is the life blood of the lounge. 

Membership Requirements 

1. 21 years of age with a valid ID
2. Have read and understand all parts
and terms of the membership agreement

3. Have had an in-person interview with
a staff member 

4. Signed the membership agreement

Membership is required to enter the club and attend any and all functions at The Summit Lounge. 

Use Fees & Club Fees structure 

Each option represents the member's monetary contribution to the club. All members have the same access to the club. 

1. $10 per use, can vary between events
2. $20 per month, can vary between events
3. $200 per year, can vary between events

Cash and card options are available.


Venue Rental 

We want our members to celebrate their most important times at the lounge. Every member has the option of renting the entire lounge, or just a portion of it. 

We have options to accommodate up to 60 members for everything from private networking events, wedding receptions and everything in between.  


Not only can we host large groups in a fun, social atmosphere. We can host smaller intimate groups. Whether it's a date night or a business meeting, we not only provide our members with a fun social atmosphere, but a quiet peaceful night out.